my name is Ariel,

and I practice and teach meditation.


I care most about helping others cultivate awareness, compassion and authenticity in order to connect more deeply with their own innate goodness and the goodness of those around them.


I also believe meditation can be a helpful tool for professionals who are looking to develop greater focus and concentration, emotional intelligence and leadership presence.


I am a Certified Meditation Instructor and graduate of MNDFL’s inaugural teacher training program. I completed my advanced level training under the guidance of Lodro Rinzler & Adreanna Limbach, and have completed over 500 hours of training since 2016.

I teach meditation based in practical mindfulness techniques with a foundation in classical Buddhist tradition; a holistic mind-body approach with a focus on applying various concentration, contemplative & compassion practices to everyday life.


I leverage my experience as an executive in the wellness industry to curate corporate & private group sessions with executives & teams across industries like music, media, tech, finance, hospitality, fitness, and fashion. 

I lead weekly virtual classes at Styll Meditation. I am also available for private one-on-one instruction.

I have studied in both Vedic and Tibetan Buddhist traditions.

I live and work in New York City.