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one-on-one private instruction and meditation-based coaching 

kalyāna mitra (n.), Buddhist term meaning spiritual friend; one who is experienced in meditation and can help guide your practice and support your progress 


Working one-on-one can be helpful at every stage of your personal practice, whether you are just beginning your exploration of meditation or have an established practice and are looking for additional support & guidance. 







How does this work? 

We'll begin with a brief introductory call to get a better understanding of what your existing practice is like, what your intentions & goals are for working with a teacher, and to figure out how we can best work together. 

This is free of charge since we may decide our styles do not mesh or that I am not the best suited instructor for you at this time (in which case, I can always recommend other teachers.) No hard feelings, I promise.

All following sessions are 30 minutes.

This time allows for follow up from previous sessions, a 15-20 minute practice and time for discussing anything that arose during meditation. The basis of these sessions is personal connection, undivided attention & genuine conversation. Each session will look a little different depending on the day & the individual. 








Any fine print?

Sessions can be scheduled in advance or as we go. Weekly or bi-weekly sessions are recommended, and we will work together to find the cadence that is most supportive for your practice & your schedule. The frequency with which we meet is entirely up to you. 

Payment is required to confirm a session. All sessions are offered on a sliding scale. 

There is a 12-hour cancellation window in order to be refunded for your session, in which case we can reschedule for another time. Within 12 hours, sessions are non-refundable. 










Where can we practice together?

As we continue to navigate the pandemic, we can meet together through the magic of Zoom and FaceTime, meaning you & I can work together from almost anywhere. Remote sessions are just as legitimate & effective as meeting in person.








How can I book/schedule a session?

Request time for us to meet or book your sessions by sending me a note via email

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